Awareness program on mental health

Name of Event: Public awareness program on mental health - Neurology

Campaign Title: Awareness program on mental health

Location: Karnawati club

Duration: 22nd November 2013

Foreword & Objective: To create awareness among general public about mental health.

Strategy: Pamphlets and invitation cards were distributed among general public. Posters were placed in Hospitals, clinics, bus stand and other public places. Many other modes of advertising were used to attract general public.

Innovation, Engagement Process, Creative concept: For public awareness among poor people, many national and international experts were invited to teach them about problems related to mental health, guide them to take precautions and tell them perfect solutions to their problems, through well advanced technology which makes learning and understanding easy for the general public also the interactive session gives them an opportunity to take expert advice and perfect solutions to their problems along with any queries from highly qualified and renowned professional, which otherwise is impossible for the general public. It was a great step in the field of social work.

Around 300 people gathered to attend this awareness program which was executed as a part of corporate social responsibility.

Planning & Execution: Pre event planning was under since many months an expert staff of more than 15 hardworking people worked on the event in different areas. The event ran very smoothly without any incidence of complain. Everything was planned precisely.

Result: Around 300 underprivileged people were educated and guided in the right path in handling issues related to mental health. They were able to access the highly qualified expert professionals for their problems and solve queries which otherwise would have been impossible.